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A Max Westerman Project

Hi! Here's my course plan calculator. See below for instructions.


What's this do?

This is a template for a Mechanical Engineering degree at the University of Denver - easily modified for other degrees aswell. It automatically checks if you have all of the required base engineering courses, aswell as if you have your total credits, your general AI:S SI:C credits, ENGR 3000+, etc. - everything that's required for your degree.

Credit Categories

Required Course Check

Summer Quarters

Transfer Credits

Class Schedule

Enter in your courses for each year and quarter. The category you choose, for example REQ or SCI, will update in your Category Requirements, and automatically change the color! If your course is required, typing in the course ID will make sure that you have all of your required courses. 

Category Requirements

Here is where you enter in the required categories for your degree. Type in your category code and the required credits for that category. When you type in a class, specify it with a category, and it will update with how many current credits you have. If you're under your required credits for that category, the needed column will flash red!

Required Courses

Each degree has a list of required courses. Some courses can be fufilled by multiple course ID's - just for the purpose of example, Physics 1 and University Physics 1. If you have a different degree, go to the Required Courses tab and change what courses are required for your degree.

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