Sheet Gallery

Over my gap year for COVID-19 I got really into making spreadsheets for a video game I was really into at the time and actually learned a super useful skill. Due to learning spreadsheets for a hobby instead of learning them as a work tool, I really enjoy using them. I've compiled a list of my favorite spreadsheets for school & for hobby uses. These won't have explanations on how to use them as the grade calculator has. Have fun browsing!

School Sheets

G1 Statics Lab 1 Map Final
Bouncing Ball - Max Westerman
Chem 2 Lab 7
Course Plan - MaxWesterman

Gaming Sheets

Automated Chess w/ URL
Beta Legacy damages by Legacy Telos
Revenant GP/hour V2 [Upd. Prices]
Familiar Damage 0.4 pvme
Legacy Telos's Keybind Visualizer
Legacy Telos's damage taken calculator V5
Legacy Combat Leaderboards