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A Max Westerman Project

Hi! Here's my grade calculator. See below for instructions.


Why this Grade Calculator?

There are many grade calculators out there on the internet, but none are as fully customizable as this one. Added bonus of no advertisements or pop-ups! Even if you don't know how to navigate spreadsheets, the layout should be self explanatory - read below for a short tutorial on how to work this calculator. 

Automatically drops assignments

Calculates assignment grade for overall grade %

Toggles between point based and category based 

Incredibly Customizable

On the top left there is the Weighing Table, where if you have a weighted course you will put in the weights for each category. This is also where you'll name your categories - they'll transfer around the sheet. If your course is not weighted, click the "Point based" checkbox below the Weighing table and the categories will disappear. Click the checkbox next to a category to strike it out, removing it from the grade calculation. This is especially useful for classes with labs.

Here is where you'll enter in your assignments. Put your assignments and their respective grades in the table for that category. If you have categories that automatically drop, for instance, the professor stating that 2 homeworks will be dropped, don't worry. The dropping will be automatically applied and will be highlighted in red and struck out.

This will calculate the grade you need on a specific assignment to get a specific grade in the class. For instance what grade do you need on your final for an A? Put the grade in the class you want, the category the assignment is in, and the point value of the assignment. It will automatically calculate the point value you need for the assignment and the % grade required on that assignment.

Improved Grade Calculator

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